Telstra behind MOG music streaming in Aus

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Telstra has announced that it has partnered with US music-streaming service MOG to bring the service to Australia "in the coming months".

(Credit: MOG)

The service is subscription based, and will cost "less than the price of a CD each month", according to a statement by Telstra's JB Rousselot. As well as streaming music to devices over the web, MOG allows its customers to download songs and listen to them when offline. The MOG music catalogue has 15 million tracks in the US, with each track streamed at 320Kpbs.

Interestingly, Telstra's announcement made specific reference to the service being network agnostic, a first for any content service available through any of Australia's major telcos. Telstra and competitors Optus and Vodafone have all invested heavily in creating unique content offerings, from music and video streaming to apps, all designed to attract and retain customers. MOG powered by Telstra, however, will be available to anyone in Australia.

This new service will launch in a difficult time, though, with the market for music streaming become more congested this year. Major international music-streaming service Spotify is also expected to launch in Australia in the coming month, and will add to a list of about a dozen similar offerings already available, with similar features and competitive pricing.

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TimothyO posted a comment   

How much data is used streaming music? As a Telstra customer I would love to hang on and wait for MOG to hit but with Spotify going live today I'm a little keen to have a crack at using this new way of listening to tunes. I would also like to know when Google Music is set for Australia as you can upload your own music if the library doesn't feature it.


gregory.opera posted a comment   

Being un-metered is intriguing, but I'm already a heavy user of Sony's "Music Unlimited", which is natively supported by most of the entertainment, productivity and gaming devices in my household.

In saying this, if the price is right, I may consider subscribing to "MOG" as a secondary service, to run alongside Music Unlimited (particularly when I'm using mobile data)...

At this stage, Music Unlimited costs AU$12.99/month - what is "MOG" going to cost in comparison to this?


Im Batman posted a comment   

When MOG (and if Spotify) gets going, i hope you guys give it a test drive and add it to your Music Streaming comparison article you did a few moths back... would be good if that got updated like your Buyer's Guide for these new services.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Network agnostic, really, WOW... sort of makes sense for a web based service, but Telstra has obviously invested in the partnership.

Take it use of MOG to telstra devices will be unmetered... but to other networks users their data will be metered??? unless their network buys into the service?

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