Telstra bringing 4G to the masses with prepaid Wi-Fi hotspot

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Telstra's 4G network is now a little more accessible, with the telco launching a new Wi-Fi modem, sold with a prepaid SIM card.

The new 4G Wi-Fi modem.
(Credit: Telstra)

The Telstra prepaid Wi-Fi 4G is available for AU$169 for an outright purchase, and comes with 5GB of data to use during the first 30 days after purchase. Data can then be added at the same rate as Telstra's existing prepaid plans, starting from AU$20 for 250MB.

The modem offers the same Telstra speed promise as the rest of the products in the telco's 4G product portfolio, with speeds on the network between 2- and 40-Mbps. Outside of 4G coverage, Telstra estimates 3G speeds of between 1Mbps and 20Mbps in the major metro areas around Australia. The modem is lightweight, at 105grams, and can connect up to five compatible devices simultaneously.

This is the second prepaid modem offered by Telstra for its 4G network, following the release of the Telstra prepaid USB 4G modem several weeks ago. This single-user modem is available for AU$129 and comes with 3GB of data.

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ShaneA1 posted a comment   

Purchased one today as its easier than buying more credit. I find bigpond prepaid recharge a nightmare. It wasnt much more to buy a new hotspot than recharge my elite gateway so upgraded. What i have noticed that this hotspot is super quick on 3G compared to my old 3G elite and kicks **** on 4G when in the area. I will be giving it a hard time next week in Sydney as i will be exhibiting at the convention centre for clean energy week.


tabboo posted a comment   

with the prices for telstras prepaid internet credit, its almost cheaper to buy a new modem every time...


beetle posted a comment   

Are these modems available for outright purchase for prepay customers yet?I have contacted a couple of Telstra stores but they could not give me any info about this.


clairence posted a reply   

Generally they are prepaid and locked to telstra. You would have to pay the unlocking fee. Seeing as it has just been released stores might not be sure of the details yet.

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