Telstra builds Google Glass app for 2014 AFL season

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In a Venn diagram of "AFL fans" and "people likely to buy Google Glass", we'd have assumed that the intersection would have been quite small.

Scores in real time at the game.
(Credit: Telstra)

Apparently, Telstra disagrees. It's teamed up with Aussie app developer Seventh Beam to create a Google Glass app called AFL Glassware.

The app is designed for people watching the game live and will allow fans to tune into game commentary via Glass' built-in ear piece or choose to have it translated into text via the optical head-mounted display.

Scores and game stats will be updated live throughout the games and shown on the Glass display, as well.

Of course, there's no reason you'd only use the app when at the stadium — you could log in to check matches in real time if you weren't able to watch on TV. We imagine it could spice up boring family events without anyone being the wiser.

Telstra is claiming this to be Australia's first dedicated sports app for Google Glass, and who are we to argue?

The app will be available for the 2014 AFL season, and Google Glass is scheduled to be made available to the general populace sometime next year.

(Credit: Telstra)

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PhilipA posted a comment   

One issue 100,000 people in a venue clogs the network making it imposable to send a txt let alone have a live stream from the data network.


teamjet posted a comment   

What about the issue of 50000 fans all trying to use mobile data at the same time. Sometimes I struggle to make a phone call, let alone stream/download videos.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Have to say, Nice work telstra (wellt he developer really)
Love it, can bring the TV experience while at the game... and without the old school transistor radio and earphone for the commentary.

Could see the instant replays of action that they would show on TV being pushed to Glass for the viewer to get a different perspective!!

Agreed, the intersection of glass wearing AFL fans will be small... but probably not as small as group of people who watched the NRL final in 3D those years back!!

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