Telstra finally woos the iPhone

Telstra customers won't have to feel left out any more, now that the telco has announced that the iPhone will be winging its way to its stores 11 July.

For the telco, it has been better late than never.

Although it was rumoured to be gearing up for an iPhone launch in May along with fellow telcos Optus and Vodafone, but when the official announcement frenzy actually started, Telstra's hands were empty.

Reports circulated that it had been in on the deal but had botched it by arguing about whether a Telstra iPhone would come preloaded with Sensis content.

However, all seems forgiven, with Telstra finally announcing it has joined the iPhone 11 July stampede.

"iPhone 3G is an amazing product and we think Telstra's over nine million mobile customers will love it as much as we do," Tim Cook, Apple's COO, said in a statement.

The Next G iPhone 3G plans start at AU$30 per month with an upfront cost of AU$279 for the 8GB model and AU$399 for the 16GB model, although the 8GB model is free on AU$80 plans and the 16GB model is free on AU$100 plans. All plans require a 24-month contract.


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Tom posted a comment   

I Haven't heard about the iPhone speed being capped but i may as well take your word for it. About the headphones it is just what you prefer, some people have piles of money to shell out on wireless headphones so they can do that if they wish. Yes, the lack of MMS and video calling is a little stupid. MMS can be made up with its great multimedia emailing (but then again, it sounds like not all iPhone plans will have too much data) and video calling is not a huge deal but i can see the use of video calling growing as more people realise how great it can be. Unfortunately for me i would have to agree with you, yes i do really know Apple products, i know the basics of others. The thing is with apple products (as you may already know) they may not (and usually aren't) the best products out there but they make technology easy and a joy to use and make it stylish, although it may be lacking big features apple must have a reason, who knows what it is. The main problem with all the other smart phone is simple, they run windows. It just isn't as simple and pretty. When people want to use things they want it to be as easy to use and look pretty. One thing i would really love to see in the iPhone though is a really nice camera.

Although i may come across buyist towards apple (which i am) i am really open to anything and if some iPhone competitors come around with a better, cheaper handset i am all up for it.


fanboy posted a comment   

I'd rather sexy 80's style headphone's any day of the week. I'm sticking to my Sennheiser HD25's and all is wired glory!


Ten Sucks posted a comment   

@ Tom: 1. The iPhone speed is capped. 2. Quality A2DP BT stereo headphones are far superior, or do you prefer living 80s/90s style with an unnecessary tangle of wires? And having email and a web browser does NOT make up for the lack of MMS and video calling, else why would many contemporary handsets have all four? Your accusation of me of not doing my research is plainly ridiculous - I've researched the hell out of the new handsets coming out. How do you think I arrived at the conclusion that the Omnia is a better phone than the iPhone (my former favourite)? I actually wrote a list containing the pros and cons for both the iPhone and Omnia, and weighed up my decision based on that. I suggest you take my advice and do some actual research yourself, because you clearly only know the features of Apple products and nothing else.


learoid posted a comment   

I've got a nokia 6200 and it does all i want
like make calls!!


Tom posted a comment   

"Ten Sucks". You said many things wrong for one: iPhone 3G does have 3.5g. two: no 3.5mm headphone jack and multi touch are nothing features? If you are a music lover you HAVE to have 3.5mm jacks so you can plug in some good headphones (yes, i admit ipod earphones suck, a lot). About Multi-Touch have you ever used an iPod Touch and typed on it, it is great. I can type just as fast on the iPhone touch keyboard as i can on my mac. Yes, it is lacking features like a front video camera for calling, mms, but it is made up for in it's easy to use email and internet (mail and safari respectively). I suggest take some of your own advice, do your research first. Also with your comment about apps, yes there may be as many (yet) but the ones that are there are much better, easy to use and more useful than any windows based app and over time the app store will grow so there will be hundreds of quality, some free, apps.


Ten Sucks posted a comment   

@ Jay:
Of course I can compare two phones based on number of features! That is one of the major criteria for the comparison of gadgets. But like I said before, the iPhone may be perfectly suitable for some people, but there are also other readers that might like to be informed of competing products. There's no denying that the 3G iPhone has been (over)hyped to the max, while offering little improvement over the original handset. There's also no denying that Apple have really been on point with their advertising and marketing strategies, but people need to do their research first to determine what's best for them based on their needs/wants instead of falling prey to transparent marketing gimmicks. Whether that ultimate choice is the Apple 3G iPhone or Samsung Omnia or HTC Touch Diamond or a Google Android enable handset or whatever else, an informed decision is always the best type of decision.


edison posted a comment   

does this mean i can buy an iphone for $280 on pre-paid?


Jay - applekid - proud at that posted a comment   

@Ten Sucks: you cant compare between 2 phones jus by the number of features. Windows mobile to begin with is a crap user interface. Besides most phones that include whole heaps of features decrease your actual talk time because the add on features on windows based phones are not interconnected and use too much of the processors power. I have a nokia 6120. In paper, it is prob as good as iphone. has music, video player, 3.5 G capable, internet browser, bluetooth, dual camera, it has whole heaps of features . . however . . it burns my ear within 10 mins of talking (nokia say it is because of the microSD card!) . . if it doesnt support y feature it? 3G talk time is less than 2 hrs. There is always a delay from you pressing a button and the response from the phone etc..etc

What I am trying to say by the way is that features dont count as long as they are 1.necessary, 2.user friendly 3.dont hamper with the basic function ie it is basically a phone. Thats what I like about iphone and not any of the windows mobile 6.1 or S60 based phones.


Ten Sucks posted a comment   

@ wicked_slipknot01:
The Internet is a forum for debate and discussion, so your "don't like it, don't post" attitude is completely laughable. Your close-minded stance is pathetic, as you expect a topic like this to only include positive comments and glowing remarks. You seem to act like the 3G iPhone has no shortcomings, yet it is clearly a handset that is full of them. You're obviously the type of stubborn person who likes to live in blind ignorance (your broad dismissal of all Samsung/Nokia products is proof of that), but unlike you there are plenty of people who like to make informed decisions by weighing up the pros and cons of competing products.

Try coming up with something worthwhile to say before adding your utterly inane and uninsightful comments.


wicked_slipknot01 posted a comment   

if u dnt like the iphone dont post as simple as it is. Their talking about iphone here not a s*** samsung or nokia. If u dnt like it dont get it.

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