Telstra giving away JBL NFC speaker with Lumia 920 pre-orders

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Tesltra is now taking pre-orders for the new Nokia Lumia 920, and to sweeten the deal, Telstra is including an AU$200 JBL speaker in the bag for every customer who signs up in advance.

The Lumia 920 in white beside the JBL NFC speaker on offer to Telstra pre-order customers.
(Credit: CBSi)

This speaker is the JBL PlayUp Wireless Speaker (MD-51W), which features near-field communication (NFC) for wireless pairing with the Lumia 920 and 820 handsets. The speaker also features Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone connection, so it can be used with most other portable music players. Also inside the unit is a 1430mAh battery, so you don't need a power point to use it.

The pre-order offer runs up until 26 November, which aligns with the expected street date for the Lumia 920. Telstra will offer the phone on its standard Everyday Connect plans, starting from AU$65 per month, including handset-repayment charges. The telco will be offering the 920 as a carrier exclusive in Australia, though it will also be available for outright purchase through a number of electronics retailers.

The Lumia 920 marks the entrance of the Windows Phone 8 platform into the Australian market, though Nokia will have competition from HTC and Samsung in the weeks that follow the launch of the 920 on Telstra.

The handset is powered by a dual-core Qualcomm processor, has 4G connectivity and comes with Nokia's PureView camera technology, including optical image stabilisation.

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TroyM3 posted a comment   

I checked today again, as of 10.24 am south Aussie time Telstra are sold out of all colour bar white. Not sure how much stock they've allocated for each day, but certainly positive signs wouldn't you say Joe?


TroyM3 posted a comment   

The pre- orders sold out in a couple hours yesterday Joseph. I have unconfirmed rumours Telstra had daily limited stock, apparently they had new stock allocation starting from midnight.


jlv632 posted a comment   

Does the speaker come with a $696 outright purchase?


jumpjakflash posted a comment   

You're forgetting to mention the outright price of $696 through Telstra.
I pre-ordered mine on the $80 Everyday Connect plan today!


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

I'm pretty sure the speaker is only a bonus for customers signing up for a contract, not outright purchase.

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