Telstra moves all mobile plans to 1-minute billing blocks

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From 1 October, all Telstra mobile plans will be charged in one-minute billing blocks, rather than 30-second blocks as it is currently on some plans.

Member, Phone and Casual mobile plans will be affected by the change, and pricing on the company's website now reflects the new billing scheme. The telco's Everyday Connect plans (formerly Freedom Connect) are already billed in 1-minute blocks and will not be adjusted. The change aligns Telstra with its major competitors, Optus and Vodafone, who already bill customers in 60-second increments.

Telstra will also increase fixed line phone pricing from the beginning of October. Monthly access fees for Call Complete, Plus and Advanced home phone packages will increase by AU$2 per month, and calls made by customers subscribing to these packages will rise by 2c per call. Telstra is not adjusting the access fee for any of its bundles, the HomeLine Budget plan or for customers on a eligible Pension Discount plan.

Full details are available via this Telstra blog post.

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