Telstra nabs Nokia Lumia 920

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Nokia Australia today confirmed that the Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 920 will be part of Telstra's range, with the Lumia 820 heading to Optus and Vodafone.

The new Lumia 920 is headed to Telstra in Australia.
(Credit: Nokia)

"Operators and retailers are throwing their weight behind our new Nokia Lumia smartphones, and we appreciate their continued support," Nokia Australia's managing director Steve Lewis said in a statement.

No pricing has been mentioned, but Nokia vows to update customers at the end of October, at the same time that Microsoft is expected to publicly release its new smartphone software.

The announcement of the Lumia 920 at Nokia World 2012 has created considerable interest in both the phone itself and Microsoft's operating system. A key feature of the 920 is optical image stabilisation in the camera, which should help achieve better still photos and less-shaky videos.

The Lumia 920 will also be the first Nokia-made phone to make use of Telstra's new 4G network capabilities.

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domteag posted a comment   

To date I have had trouble with touchscreen keyboards. I doubt there are any apps becoming available soon that provide bigger touchscreeen keyboards for the 920? Nokia of course won't tell me anything about the keyboard or keyboard apps for the 920, even though the phone is been released in Australia on 5 Nov. Nokia need to be more transparent with their potential customers rather than being so focussed on competing with their rivals!!


PeterR6 posted a comment   

I emailed Nokia to ask them about the rumour;
''The Lumia 920 is exclusive to telstra''
and they replied;
"We are very happy to inform you that the Nokia Lumia 920 will also be available not only from Telstra but will also be sold thru other reputable retailers.'' (Theo P. Nokia Customer Care Office)

I only get optus coverage where I live so happy days.


The Stav posted a comment   

I agree with all the comments relating to the poor commercial decision made by Nokia on the 920.To compete with the S3 and the i5 all vendors need to sell it.This truly groundbreaking device will happily run 3G as well.I hope Telstra offers it for outright purchase and unlocked.I want it for the 'pureview' camera technology ie floating lens, improved algorithms, spring mounts that eliminate blur in video and still shot capture. It's ability to take shots at night without flash in part due to the F2.0 aperture.The non-metal polycarbonate body also improves signal strength apparently and doesn't creak when twisted.Free music through Nokia.Cordless charging which takes a little longer. Something all smartphone manufacturers will introduce into the future.A screen which can be read/viewed even in the brightest sunlight.Windows 7.5 is very good but I can't wait for 8. I'm a little disappointed though that apps written for 8 won't be backwards compatible for 7.5. No matter, I plan on giving my Titan 4g to a family member once the 920 arrives.The choice of colours will promote the handset bigtime I believe, particularly among women. It will become a fashion statement. Just like a car, the choice of phone can say a lot about the user.My only real concern is the voice recognition and control. Nothing I have read or watched has shed much light on the subject. Siri on the i5 is definitely going to be hard to beat.Appologies for taking up so much space in this forum but I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement over this baby.


KangL posted a comment   

This is stupid decision by Nokia. Why limiting number of customers for this phone when this is the most important device for them?


tim1234 posted a comment   

Optus and Vodafone 4g is very limited - non-existent where I live - so happy for this 4g phone to go to Telstra. Optus had the Nokia 900 exclusively and failed to market it very well so I guess that is another reason Nokia are going with Telstra for the 920.


JasdeepS posted a reply   

that is like making the same mistake again. Telstra gave a finger to Lumia 900 and it was made available exclusively to Optus. Now new Lumia 920 is again exclusive to one network. When Lumia 900 came out windows phone 7.5 wasnt that popular as it is now with all the buzz surrounding Windows 8 tablets and OS.

Regarding the 4G network. Barring Vodafone, Optus' network is growing and by year end they will be in Perth and next year in Adelaide so a pretty hasty decision.


MichaelZ1 posted a comment   

What is wrong with Nokia's head of distribution in Australia? Can they just stop making bad decisions? After all those marketing about the camera and design of the phone, you are gonna make it exclusive to Telstra? really? What is the statistics behind this desision? That you assume people who want a good phone with 4G network support are dying to use it on the not so well covered 4G network? Not so quick Nokia. You would really think people would go for 820 instead on other network? That only happens if you make it significantly cheaper which does not look like the case after seeing revealed the Euro price.

No wonder you fail Nokia, it is not only about the product...


trebor83 posted a comment   

Well I understand the 8X is coming to all the major carriers so that is fine, but then I was never going to get the 920 anyway


Trungy12 posted a comment   

Looks like my next upgrade wouldnt be the Nokia 920 =[ so so sad

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