Telstra Next G to be 4G in 2011

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Telstra today announced 4G network upgrades using Ericsson LTE technology to be completed in 2011; changes which could deliver peak speeds of 100Mbps.

(Credit: Four Thirds Consortium)

The LTE upgrades will occur in metropolitan areas of Australia as well as some major unannounced regional hubs. Telstra will also extend the reach of its current 42Mbps HSPA+ services to areas not yet included in that footprint.

To complete the upgrade the telco will recycle its existing 1800MHz spectrum, which it currently uses for 2G services alongside the network's 900MHz frequency. Reusing the 1800MHz range will allow Telstra to upgrade now rather than waiting for the government to re-provision spectrum when analog TV services are discontinued at the end of 2013.

Fragmenting the frequencies that data is delivered should also have the added benefit of freeing up network capacity on Next G's current 850MHz band for people whose devices are not 4G ready. Telstra says that a lot of data traffic goes to mobile broadband modems and that smartphone users should benefit indirectly after the upgrade is complete.

For more information, read "Telstra plans LTE upgrade before year-end" on ZDNet Australia.

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litte boy posted a comment   

i usb wireless modem with bigpond,
i wat see if Firmware updates
and change 2 4G and give us 4G sim card 4 free


Sean posted a comment   

I would be interstred with 4g making a voice call on it and i would be interstred when apple brings out a lte iphone and that would be great for using as a modem and that would be the only way for me to upgrade the iphone and buy when they bring out a lte version but i would go for a usb wireless modem with bigpond


Mittay posted a comment   

Anyone that thinks 4G tech can compete with the Aussie NBN is crazy and a naive.

I'll take wired anyday, and use 4G when I can't use wired thanks very much.

I can only imagine what Telstra will want as a monthly sub for 4G connectivity. I ain't giving up my new baby girl!


Sean posted a comment   

I'm looking forward to get into next g 4g for the computer and i have spoken to bigpond about 4g the rep said that they haven't had any training but they will send emails to anyone that has a email address that is on your bigpond next g modem and the modems are next g 850 compatable as well thats what they said and the telstra shop staff said the same bigpond mite let next g 850 modem uses upgrade. bigpond custumers can give them a call to find out the new information even telstra will let you know if you ask them even optus or vodafone i haven't herd if they are going 1800 mhz as well


lifefit posted a comment   

Does this mean country people with Next G phones will have to buy new phones? I f I buy a new one that is on the market now, can I be assured it will be G4 ready?


Jimmy posted a reply   

No, this new technology will initially be targeted exclusively at USB modems for laptops,PC's, etc.
There are virtually no handsets that handle 4G world-wide (Samsung has one I think, not yet sold in Aus).
The Next-G phone will be the rural standard for at least the rest of this year and will continue to operate for a long time yet.
This is not the same as CDMA replacing Analog.


MathewS posted a reply   

You don't need to worry just yet.

Firstly, 4G is going to use a different spectrum to the current 3G. Your 3G handset will work fine until you are out of contract and by then you will have more 4G phones to choose from.

4G is only going to be rolled out in the capital cities first and then out from the cities. 4G won't make much difference to your mobile phone calls, it will only enhance your data connection.

There is a lot of hype around 4G at the moment, but there are basically no providers that have 4G phones for the Australian market at this stage.

The important thing to remember is that Telstra aren't turning off their 3G network, so you will be able to continue to use your current phone for quite some time to come.


c5173 posted a comment   

@Schneider Correct.
Our government dersire a fail for communications policy.
Even worse we could of had Telstra paid for fibre network or HFC network into the home too (no public payment like NBN (AKA PMG mk2) if the ACCC and Government would guarantee the builder would be allowed to make a commercial rate of return on reselling, Unfortunately they wouldn't and wanted to continue to force them to sell below cost to competitors.


Schneider posted a comment   

Great news for the NBN... LOL. Australian's will be eating White Elephant for dinner for years to come! Once Telstra turns 2G off in the next few years I think that the 900MHz range may have the same fate.

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