Telstra-partnered MOG music streaming launches

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Australians have a new option for streaming music from today, with US-based MOG launching through Telstra's BigPond Music service.

(Credit: MOG)

MOG subscribers get access to 16 million songs to stream through a web browser, PC or Mac client, or to smartphones running on iOS or Android. Songs can be downloaded and listened to offline, as well. Pricing starts from AU$6.99 for a basic PC-only subscription, or AU$11.99 for a service including both PC and mobile device access. Unlike Spotify, there is no ad-supported free-to-play option, though.

The MOG team is advertising the high-quality music streaming available in Australia — 320kbps — or the same as the high-quality service offered by competitor Spotify. MOG enters the Australian market facing stiff competition, with services from Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Rdio already up and running.

Compared with these other services, MOG has a simple user interface, but lacks the deep music-discovery tools of services like Spotify and Rdio. Its music catalogue is comparable, in volume at least, but its social-networking integration seems much more rudimentary. MOG users can send friends direct links or blast tracks to Twitter and Facebook, but there are no celebrity playlists, random song mixes or dedicated in-service apps as there are in the other streaming services.

In its favour, MOG benefits from its partnership with Telstra in Australia, with unmetered data for streaming to Telstra BigPond customers.

To check out MOG for yourself, head over to to sign up. New subscribers can trial the service for 14 days free, but you will need either a BigPond account or a credit card to activate a new account.

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JulieB2 posted a comment   

I''m sold. I initially just signed up for the I'm wondering how on earth I could ever go back to living without it!

I love my MOG!


Luke0003 posted a comment   

I must admit I was initially disappointed when I discovered 3G streaming would be limited to 48kbps - but as I listen to it now through some decent cans I can honestly say I can barely tell the difference. I'm no audiophile and I'm sure trained ears will hear a contrast. But come on, it's really not bad at all. In fact it's actually very good and considering it's unmetered for Telstra customers I reckon it's pretty killer.


GlennH1 posted a reply   

MOG are all about sound quality. They do a lot of work to get those AAC+ files sounding so sweet on mobile. There is more to sound quality than just bitrate.Glenn (Telstra music guy)


MichaelT6 posted a comment   

I was interested in going with MOG as I am a Telstra Bigpond customer both at home and mobile. The streaming services and unmetered on my mobile was the big drawcard. However it seems that the unmetered streaming through Mobile is going to me limited to 48kps not 320kps. This really removed advantage of MOG through Telstra for me.


CamReed posted a comment   

I will be swapping to MOG when this months Rdio sub runs out.

With unmetered data for streaming and me being with Telstra/BigPond, it will be a much better service as I can now drop back my Mobile Data Plan as I don't need as much to accomadate it. Guess if I was living in area that I could use another IP (as Telstra are the only ones I can get ADSL 2 on and good Mobile Coverage), then it could be a different story. Then MOG gives me what Rdio did and the MOG Radio part links other bands/artists with my likes to show me things I may not have heard before, plus can stream it through my stereo via the my Samung Smart TV (until I'm flush dollar wise to buy a Logitech Squeezebox Touch anyway).

The advantages of having it via my Mobile and in my car is also great (especially given the unmetered data streaming while on the road).

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