Telstra promises fix for buggy T-Hub

Telstra has promised a bug fix this Thursday to customers upset with the patchy performance of its T-Hub next-generation fixed telephone system.

Telstra's T-Hub

Telstra's T-Hub
(Credit: Telstra)

On Saturday The Sydney Morning Herald quoted an online reputation management consultant as saying that the T-Hub was sent to the market too early "with technological flaws that should have been remedied during the testing period". The consultant based the comment on a study of references online to the device.

In a blog post yesterday, Telstra's executive director of Fixed Voice & Broadband Products Craig Turner said the telco recognised that not all features had met every customer's expectation from day one. Contrary to The Sydney Morning Herald's report, he said, Telstra was listening to its customers on the matter.

"For instance, you have told us that from time to time T-Hub's screen freezes, applications close unprompted and that the web browser intermittently runs out of memory when loading complex web pages," said Turner. "From this Thursday (16 September) we will release our next software update for T-Hub, which will reduce the instances in which customers experience these issues."

Turner also said Telstra would continue to introduce new features and more improvements to the T-Hub. For example, in the coming weeks, the telco will introduce the ability to initiate a call from a White Pages search result as well as adding in a larger range of internet radio stations to the device.

Customers with faulty batteries and power adapters have also been encouraged to return them to Telstra for replacement.

"Finally, we're aware that some people have described T-Hub as a competitor to the iPad or as an alternative to the PC," said Turner. "This isn't the case and customers should expect a web browsing on the T-Hub that's more akin to browsing the internet on a mobile phone than browsing on a PC."

A number of respondents on Telstra's blog congratulated the telco for recognising the issue.

"I was relieved to see that we were not alone in experiencing problems with our T-Hub," wrote one customer. "We are on our second one and it has the same problems as the first — freezing up, screen not responsive, needing to be rebooted at least once a day."

The T-Hub was launched in April as a significant initiative from Telstra designed to build in smartphone capability to the traditional landline telephone. The device features an 18cm touchscreen that not only allows users to make and receive phone calls, but also to receive and send text messages, browse the internet, play music and radio stations, view the latest news, sport and weather, as well as organise events with an in-built calendar.

Telstra sells the T-Hub for AU$299 upfront and has sold about 50,000 of the devices so far.


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Vanessa Malthus posted a comment   

The Telstra t hub is a complete waste of time. Don't buy it! Since we bought it our internet speed runs at 1/10 of it's speed. We do have Big pond by the way so that's not an incompatibility issue but a T hub issue. It took big pond 4 months to work out the problem was the T hub now telstra won't take it back and they keep arguing with Big pond who Is to blame and we are caught in the middle of it! What a waste of money ! Keywords : slow speed Internet Telstra t-hub


Peter posted a comment   

What a joke. The t-hub isn't even a competitor for a 25 year old commodore 64. On to my thrid replacement unit, and had enough now. Absolute rubbish, freezes, handsets worn't work, runs out of memory on the most basic of web pages, the list goes on and on. They can't fix this unit, as it is beyond help. This must have done huge damage to telstra's already shakey reputations. So what do they do, release the t-box and t-touch which are just as dodgy and faulty! Heads need to roll this is an insult to loyal customers.


Poss posted a comment   

we are on our second T hub,as telstra said the first one was (Faulty) as it keeps turning off every 13min when on the internet and now won't let me turn it back on, i'm sick of having to ring telstra all the time. its just not worth it. don't get one untill all problems and faults are repared.


benno posted a comment   

so its meant to be more akin to a mobile than a computer or ipad. WHY? you have a secured fast landline! this has the exact opposite faults to a mobile, the landline should be the high point to having a secure uninterupted service when browsing. no this is not an ipad/pc or even a mobile, telstra should look at whats selling, this? wont last, hopefully Mck2 will be what the customers wish for, word of mouth will do the rest lol


Tezza posted a comment   

Include an answering machine in it.
I refuse to pay Telstra a fee for message bank services on my home phone.


blackshroud posted a comment   

Sadens me that they havent included to ability to use the T-Hub on other ISP's.

And also that they are still not committing to releasing the source code, which they definately should seeing as it is based on linux.

Seeing as i paid outright for it, i believe i should be able to use it with whichever ISP i like, lets hope they get the idea and fix that too.


Markarse posted a comment   

Telstra tried to sweeten the deal by giving us a T-Hub free of charge. We've had non-stop problems with it, so we were sent a replacement device which is just as bad. The thing is rubbish, and I think they can have it back.

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