Telstra T-Hub

Can Telstra actually make the home phone cool again? The T-Hub with its 7-inch touchscreen could be the telco's ace in the hole, bringing smartphone chic to fixed line telephony.


Dimensions (H x W x D)
49 x 139 x 20 mm

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User Reviews / Comments  Telstra T-Hub

  • HenryT2



    "It's okay if you only need it for simple stuff, but then again, the other basic phones do the same job..."

  • SueW1


    "Woke this morning with message on thub telling me I had no internet connection but the computer was OK, they had done an update during the night and obviously the thub did not like it, so rang the ..."

  • PaulL4


    "Junk, thats the nicest thing I can say about this piece of crap"

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