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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Telstra teases new HTC phones

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(Credit: Telstra)

Telstra is blasting the news that it will soon stock two new HTC handsets, posting the information to its Telstra Exchange blog today.

It has also set up a pre-registration page, where customers can request to receive news about the new phones "in the coming months". Telstra does confirm that it will range two of HTC's recently announced phones, but stops short of naming which models it will be taking.

It has four to choose from, of course, with the One X, One S and One V on offer, plus the One XL variant of the X, which would offer Next G customers 4G network speeds while sacrificing the quad-core processor in the X for a dual-core processor.

It's probably too late now to have your say and help Telstra decide which models to range, but let us know below which of the four you'd buy if it were available now.


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JimC1 posted a comment   

Want a One X so bad. Don't want to go to Optus.


ChrisW4 posted a comment   

HTC One S. Finally a wothy replacement for my trusty Desire


Im Batman posted a comment   

It will be the ONE XL, telstra will not release a non LTE device ...especially not a flagship device like this.
The specs are showing that LTE for AUS/Asia is 1800 and 2600 MHz
Also, HSPA/WCDMA quad band including 850MHz... so fall back to NextG.

I would like to see the ONE S as well, great all round device at a size that will appeal to the m****


BrianP1 posted a comment   

Although not great, I was surprised to see the coverage there is now.


BrianP1 posted a comment   

Can’t wait till CNet does a speed comparison between One X and XL.
I only see a real advantage of 4G if you’re going to tether the connection to a laptop/tablet.
For the moment the 32gb storage makes the One X the one i’ll buy.


KennyS1 posted a comment   

where will 4G network coverage be say within in the time of the life of a 24 mth contract by any of the networks

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