Telstra to update Motorola Xoom to Android 3.1

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Update: the original article incorrectly stated that Europe had received its Xoom 3.1 update — this is not the case.

in brief Telstra has announced that it will bring Android 3.1 to the Motorola Xoom in July, enabling the microSD card reader along the way.

The Motorola Xoom
(Credit: Motorola)

The software update puts Australia ahead of the US, which although has received its 3.1 updates prior to Australia, still has a non-functioning microSD card reader. Telstra customers will also be receiving a file manager application, which was not part of the initial software package.

Android 3.1's headline updates include resizeable widgets, Bluetooth headset support in Google Talk, Bluetooth mouse support, full support for Adobe's Flash Player 10.3 and USB host support, allowing the Xoom to communicate properly with USB mice, keyboards, storage, digital cameras and more.

The update is expected to be delivered over the air in July, with Telstra starting testing next week.

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RickyS posted a comment   

Well the update is back and I've just upgraded no problem. Have to do 2 downloads from the same system update but all went well. Homeycomb 3.1 and sd card is enabled. Will let you know if any problems/issues but too soon although these keystrokes seem to have quite a delay?!


RickyS posted a comment   

Well the update didn't happen and now its gone. I emailed Motorola and they thought I was downloading from a different region? Im in Melbourne and used the update function on the Xoom. Oh well, maybe soon.


RickyS posted a comment   

The update is now available but it keeps erroring on my Xoom. Tells me I have iinsufficient memory and wants me to do a factory reset. I have more than 20 gb storage free and have used app killer and have over 450mb of memory there. Hope they can figure it out, I don't want to factory reset especialy since no guarantee that will work.


Craig Simms posted a comment   

Thanks for that Pete, we've updated the article accordingly. There are Euro 3.1 ROMs in the wild, from which we incorrectly assumed they were official.


PeteS1 posted a comment   

Europe still have not received the 3.1 update for the Xoom, Motorola are keeping everyone in the dark. Check out their official support forums at for more information.

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