Telstra Tough 2

It won't win any fashion parades, but the Tough 2 will appeal to tradies who are after a phone that's unlikely to easily shatter.

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User Reviews / Comments  Telstra Tough 2

  • loz0181



    "good phone but ringer on 10 is not loud enough for anyone around noise and the ear piece and head phone volume on 10 is not loud enough around any noise, camera has no flash/light. Phil"

  • ScottU



    "This phone is my second one,luckily it`s a work phone because i would not spend my money on one,It is the biggest piece of crap i have ever used.Anything and everything goes wrong with it.When i ma..."

  • not_for_me


    "this phone does not support the PAN bluetooth protocol. this means it is impossible to share the phones internet connection via bluetooth pairing. I guess the temptation for telstra to deny people ..."

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