Telstra Ultimate USB modem

Though so much depends on where you use it, the Ultimate USB modem has the potential to be faster than a fixed-line ADSL connection and doesn't cost much more than any other Telstra wireless broadband modem.


Dimensions (H x W x D)
64 x 50 x 9.5 mm
55 g
Network interface

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User Reviews / Comments  Telstra Ultimate USB modem

  • LisaD


    "We have a fleet of these at work. As a general rule they are good but for Macs you need to look up a different version of the software to get it to play nice. When swapping between a Mac and Window..."

  • TimY



    "hey guys,
    i brought the BigPond Ultimate® USB thinking it had wireless but i not sure if it dose now. i like to play xbox live online but i need wireless internet. this BigPond Ultimate® USB ..."

  • Stompywomp


    "Does anyone have experience with antenna connections to the device

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