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Telstra and HTC joined forces today to launch the telco's first prepaid Android, the HTC Wildfire, highlighting a few features that set it apart from the more powerful HTC Desire.

The white Wildfire is a Fone Zone exclusive until 28 September.
(Credit: HTC)

Among these features is Swype keyboard input, a global exclusive for Telstra on the Wildfire. This software lets users input text using swiping finger gestures across the on-screen keyboard rather than tapping individual keys. Swype has been used previously in Android phones by Samsung and Motorola, but its addition to the Wildfire software suite comes after an arrangement made by Telstra as an exclusive for its customers.

"We've been pushing hard to have Swype included on all our handsets for a number of years," said Telstra's Richard Fink. "Personally, as a consumer, as someone who has used Swype and loves it, I want to see it on every handset coming through."

HTC has also added a Bluetooth contacts importing tool to help new users transfer important data from older phones made by other manufacturers. The Data Transfer tool even helps you connect your Wildfire to your old phone with a step-by-step guide tailored to dozens of phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and Apple. The tool can transfer all contacts and calendar entries to be used in the Address Book and Calendar apps on the HTC Wildfire.

There's also a new baked in Flashlight app, for switching on the phone's LED camera flash, and an app called Share Apps, which makes it easy to let your friends and colleagues find the apps you use via messaging or social networking.

The HTC Wildfire will be available exclusively through Telstra from 24 August for AU$349 for use with a prepaid SIM, or on a contract for free at AU$49 per month. Customers who choose to buy the Wildfire outright should be aware that the phone is locked to Telstra at that price. There will also be two colour variants: Phantom Black and Glossy White, with the latter launching exclusively in Fone Zone franchise stores before getting a wider release on 28 September.

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SupahSilv posted a comment   

I'm getting mine for $249 dollars. I had a go on it at the T-Life shop tonight, and it was amazing! People had jumbled up everything on the home screen, but I still had an enjoyable time using it. I tried to use Swype while using the web browser but I couldn't. The camera's decent, I took a picture of my hand and it turned out fairly well.

Can't wait to get this phone in 25 days! :)


steph :) posted a comment   

got mine for $300... pre good i reckon, amazing phone :D


Stephie posted a comment   

I'm buying one of these phones very soon for $349. Watching all the reviews on youtube sure convinced me! This phone has everything I need and it comes with swype! I personally think that the swype is one of the best texting inventions ever. If anyone has any feedback about their wildfire please let me know what you think.


johnnyyy posted a comment   

Um the mobile is too expensive and on telstra which is a really big negative for me


rusty posted a comment   

carn't believe you r goin on about 20 per mth,looks like top value to me at 49.00


cdinoz posted a comment   

Swype is probably the most brilliant app keyboard on Android devices. I have been running it on my Desire for a short while. Lucky Wildfire customers that they have it now too!


Dave posted a comment   

I imported one for $370 unlocked.


Joseph Hanlon posted a comment   

They do have a $29 cap, and the Wildfire really should be on it for free. As it stands, you'll pay $10 per-month in handset repayments on a $29 cap.


dani posted a comment   

I recently signed up to a $49 cap at the Hurstville NSW T-life store and the Telstra sales staff told me that Telstra does have a $29 cap with lower call credit and 50MB of data instead of 200MB on the $49 cap. They just don't advertise it!


brian posted a comment   

So you can get the wildfire or the desire for free on the same $49 cap. Telstra really needs to bring out a $29 cap that's not an under the line offer if they are going to be selling these lower range handsets postpaid..

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