Telstra's 4G prepaid Christmas: photos

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Telstra is planning to spread as much speed as cheer this Christmas, with three new 4G long-term evolution (LTE) prepaid devices being made available for outright purchase, including a 10-inch tablet.

The Telstra Frontier 4G and Easy Touch 4G are the new handsets on offer, and are both available for outright purchase. The Frontier 4G comes in cheapest, at AU$299, while the larger Easy Touch 4G slips in for the more awkward figure of AU$456 (we think someone came to this figure by pressing three numbers sequentially on their keyboards).

As we've previously reported, Telstra will also stock a new self-branded 4G tablet, and will be the exclusive carrier for the Nokia Lumia 920.

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"all made by Chinese manufacturer ZTE."

The main logic components in the 4G Tablet are all common and high end western parts, the same parts found in brand name tablets and handsets, especially the newly released Windows 8 Phones which use the same series of processor..

Based on preliminary information, the main processor in the foreign version of the tablet is Qualcomm's MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 Plus System-On-A-Chip at 1.7GHz, however the AU version is 1.5GHz with support for Australian LTE

ZTE selecting this hardware platform is not only excellent news for Telstra but excellent news for Australian consumers, who get the latest technology packed into this value oriented tablet.

A bonus feature is this hardware makes software updates are made easier. IF Telstra/ZTE do not end up delivering new software for the tablet, The components means third party android ROM can easily support this hardware

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