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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Telstra's futuristic fixed-line video phone

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(Credit: Telstra)

With the invention of the telephone and the motion picture camera occurring within 15 years of each other, the fantasy of combining the two has been part of the collective consciousness for over a century. Now that it's here, we're wondering if we really wanted it after all.

Telstra has pulled the curtain up on its first desktop video phone, a standard-looking handset and dial-pad made cool with a 7-inch touchscreen display. The phone runs on the telco's IP telephony Next IP and offers HD voice-calling in addition to streaming video. The VVX 1500 Business Media Phone is, as its name suggests, a product pitched at businesses and government departments, making it really only good for one thing: letting you see just how mad your boss is with you.

The picture provided by Telstra says it all; the angry look on the woman's face in the main display window, the sheepish, hang-dog look on the poor sod's face in the top-right corner. Getting blasted over the phone is bad enough, but now the VVX 1500 can show you the flecks of frothy spit flying towards you as your superior demands to know why report X contains errors and report Y still isn't finished.

The VVX 1500 could also bring you good news too we suppose, but considering video calls can only occur between two compatible handsets on the Next IP network, chances are the only people you'll know with one are your boss and his boss. Still, this slavish vision of the near future still tops many other dystopic future visions (read: the terrifying man-nappy worn by Sean Connery in Zardos).

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GraemeG posted a comment   

Hey Telstra, come out from under the Rock, your "New" / "Latest" video phone technology is ONLY 1st generation, ACNs VP is 6th Gen and has now been released onto the Australian market !!!


dkm posted a comment   

The details of this great offer are not so great. Locked into Telstra for 3 years at a excessive cost of over $1,600. I've seen offers cheaper over the same timeframe and you are not locked into Telstra so you are able to save and switch internet carrier.
Nice try Telstra but no cigar!


Bow posted a comment   

Get with the times telsta the US had this stuff for years. This Country is so far behind its totally pathetic.


angkov posted a comment   

This is a definite copy of ACN'S new phone just about to be released in America.. and they have the network in place and own the network..Does Telstra???


Nb posted a comment   

Doesnt ACN already have a similar product as a voip phone? it doesnt require a home line rental if you have naked internet.


Rez posted a comment   

Wow - yeah that's futuristic all right - only telstra would include a "state of the art" coil cord between the hand set and the base in this day and age. I'm surprised they didn't go with a rotary dial too, there's plenty of life left in that technology yet isn't there?!

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