Telstra's HTC Desire arrives early

Telstra customers across Australia will be able to buy the Android-based HTC Desire a week ahead of schedule; however, some stores may have to wait to get their hands on the phone.

HTC Desire

An object of HTC Desire
(Credit: Telstra)

"In response to massive interest from Australian consumers, Telstra has moved the launch of HTC Desire forward by almost a week to today," said Telstra spokesperson, Ross Fielding, in an announcement.

"Telstra's flagship [T]life stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will be the first to stock the new smartphone, with Telstra stores across Australia receiving deliveries by the end of the week," he said.

"A long weekend is a great opportunity for people to come in and experience it. People want to get hands on," Telstra spokesperson Peter Symons said.

According to the announcement, the accelerated launch means that Australians will be the first in the Asia-Pacific to receive the smartphone. HTC Desire will be exclusive to Telstra for six months.

"We are also pleased to announce that HTC Desire will now be exclusive to Telstra for six months — a three-month extension on our previous arrangement," said Fielding.

The phone will be rolled out "progressively" through the week to Telstra stores across Australia. Telstra recommended customers purchase the phone online.


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asdasd posted a comment   

6 months exclusive to Telstra?!?
I hate telstra, was hoping for the desire to come out on Optus.
If i buy one outright will it work on the Optus network??


derp posted a comment   

Killin me telstra, your plan is sh*t for 85 per month. Who else agrees???????????


ben posted a comment   

will a tpg-optus sim card work with a htc desire i bought outright from a telstra dealership


SamuelL posted a comment   

F'ing YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I hope Optus don't screw me around when cancelling my 24 month contract a few months early.


kangamatt posted a comment   

This phone is not locked to telstra is it? If im with 3mobile, can I purchase this out right, and use my 3 Sim and still get all the features?


Marinara posted a reply   

@kangamatt - Yes, you can do that since they're not locked


Davo posted a reply   

No you can't it won't work on 3's 2100mhz network - this phone is 850mhz (Telstra NextG).


Davo posted a reply   

No you can't it won't work on 3's 2100mhz network - this phone is 850mhz (Telstra NextG).


ant posted a comment   

The HTC desire is absolutely brilliant. Sorry guys who are waiting for a local release; I got mine shipped from the UK.

While it has it's flaws this is due to the Android OS rather than the hardware.

6 months exclusivity is pretty bad

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