Telstra's T-Hub 2 is an Android tablet

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Telstra today unveiled the next iteration of its T-Hub connected home-phone concept, switching out the proprietary software that powered the first model for Google's Android platform.

The new T-Hub 2.
(Credit: Telstra)

The new T-Hub 2 tablet has a 7-inch display, is powered by a 1GHz TI OMAP processor and runs on the Gingerbread version of the Android platform, with an update to Ice Cream Sandwich on the way. Customers that own this model will be able to access the Google Play store, to download apps to the tablet and use it to make hands-free phone calls. The T-Hub 2 bundle also includes a cordless phone handset.

Telstra will also include a media sharing app on the new T-Hub, called Telstra Share, which lets uses stream media from the tablet to DLNA-compatible devices around the home. The tablet includes 2GB of memory for storing apps and media, and has a micro-SD card reader for expanding this storage.

Telstra customers with both a home phone service and BigPond broadband account can add a T-Hub 2 to their bundle for AU$15 per month, or purchase the unit outright for AU$360. Existing T-Hub owners can upgrade to the newer model for half-price, but will need to continue paying for the original model if still under contract. Telstra expects to have the T-Hub 2 in stores from July 17.

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TrishS posted a comment   

Worst product I have ever brought constantly crashes I have nothing saved on my t-hub no music photos or apps and its constantly telling me I do not have enough memory and there is no way to increase the storage by adding memory cards its a us less device and a complete was of money. The phone you receive with the hub has just as many issues and is also a horrible malfunctioning telstra product.


neophonics posted a comment   

The T-Hub 2 is another poorly designed and manufactured product by Telstra.

We bought the original model which was sent back for repair over four times and on this basis should not have entertained the latest model.

The T-Hub 2 continually crashes and has been dead for two months. It is to be returned and never again we will buy a Telstra made product.


ausguy19 posted a comment   

You need to update your website.
IMPORTANT: Several new operating systems don't support Flash by default, so you better give your web developers a kick up the coit.

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