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Channel Ten has given its catch-up service an overhaul with TenPlay, available to iPhone, iPad and Sony Bravia TVs. Android support is coming "later this year".

TenPlay available on the web, iOS and Sony Bravia.
(Credit: Network TEN)

This week, Network Ten launched an updated catch-up TV service, TenPlay. The service is available on the web, to iOS devices and on the Sony Bravia smart TV platform. Ten catch-up TV is also available on Xbox 360.

The new service goes beyond basic catch-up TV, adding a full free-to-air TV guide, show tracking, notifications and social integration. You can create playlists, and through your account, your settings and playlists follow you across devices.

This brings Network Ten closer to the stellar services offered by SBS and ABC, and into line with what the Seven Network currently offers with 7Plus.

Nine is now lagging furthest behind, with a detailed but web-only catch-up offering.

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HaydnW posted a comment   

I am very disappointed as I am unable to find Ten play app for android can you help please. If you could me a link if it is there. Haydn Williams


stop using advertisers posted a comment   

I can't believe I have allowed myself to be subjected to these ads. Form now on.. I'll give up the show rather than sit thru this rubbish...
all I wanted was to watch Wonderland in peace.. now I'll just use Foxtel

Ten.. what a joke


brisuser posted a comment   

Yep, thanks for the 45 seconds advertisements prior to playing the video stream Ten, and thanks again for playing the same Ads from the start when changing the screen size to full screen. SBS and ABS Iview at least make you watch less than 15 seconds worth of Ads before watching a show.

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