The art of germs

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Artists have used some pretty strange materials over the years — but we don't think it gets much stranger than bacteria.

The first person to start making art out of germs was the father of penicillin himself, Alexander Fleming, who scratched out images in Petri dishes. That method is still employed today, but, increasingly, artists and microbiologists are exploring the microscopic world of bacteria in ever more exciting ways.

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SimonP2 posted a comment   

I was the scientist who collaborated with the artist in this project. It inspired me to follow my own unique path between microbiology and art. wishesSimon


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Hi Dr Park, thanks for stopping by :) You got your very own page in this gallery - love your work!


SimonP2 posted a reply   

Thank you! I managed to miss it first time around, Great article! Best wishes, Simon

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