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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

The best thing Samsung ever did

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Hope for Children? Donating to charity? No. The best thing Samsung ever did was make a phone with a dragon on it*.

It's magnificent.
(Credit: Shane Bennett)

Three months ago, on a whim, Shane Bennett decided to message Samsung Canada to request a Galaxy S III phone. That probably happens a lot; but Bennett attached a picture he had drawn of a very scary dragon.

When Samsung replied in the negative, but attached a return picture of a kangaroo on a unicycle, the conversation went viral.

The exchange, three months ago.
(Credit: Shane Bennett)

So, naturally, to thank Mr Bennett for the social marketing, Samsung Canada sent him a surprise today: a Galaxy S III with a picture of his dragon on the back. It's the greatest thing ever. So great, in fact, that we think Samsung should make a special limited edition of the "dragon-phone", immediately.

Although the cynical might view the gift as a shameless move to generate more exposure, we'd prefer to think that it's nothing more sinister than a lovely gesture. Kudos to Samsung.

You can find more pictures of Shane Bennett's loot here.

*We don't actually believe that a dragon-phone is better than charity. But it's still very, very cool.

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