The coolest and craziest of CES 2013

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While we get to see some brilliant new tech at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year, by far the most fun part is when it veers way left of centre. Here are some of the coolest and craziest gadgets that we saw at CES 2013.

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MinxChique posted a comment   

Not a favourite, but the geek factor of the iMusic Body Rhythm. Probably a good idea to actually wear it UNDER your normal clothes if you don't want to be slapped on the back of your head for being geeky.


DarrenM4 posted a comment   

Whether it be nokia or htc.. Windows is still useless. no font size adapt so if you cant focus on small print Windows 7.5 units are useless to you. they can not be updated to windows 8. or other platforms. Although im sure there will be a android version out soon for the Nokia 800 handsets. About time Microsoft thought about people with vision problems. All apps on market place dont work they charge for junk.. Avoid these handsets with windows till all of them can be sorted. Forums are packed with people moaning about the font being too small and no way of changing it. Its not the phone thats the problem its the OS.


Im Batman posted a reply   

Hey Darren,
initially i couldn't work out the context to your comment as there was no WP items in the CES gallery, but then i saw the linking video to another story which was the HTC 8X review and it all made, well, more sense.


DarrenM4 posted a comment   

Windows is ****


Im Batman posted a comment   

Favourite announcement is a tie between the Oculus Rift and the Lego Mindstorm... the mindstorm helps push the tinker'ers a little more and allow them to venture into robotics.... the Rift is up there due to all the amazed reports from the people who have given it a go.

I sure hope that the iMusic Body Rhythm stays as an iOS exclusive : )

Would like to see the see Nvidias Project Shield comes through.. but great to see a device capable of pushing out 4K.

On a seperate note, can CNET look at how the galleries are "presented"/displayed... i just find that eeach photo takes a while to load, the entire page refreshes and then the picture has to load,.. its a bit faster on chrome than IE, but still... any suggestions?

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