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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

The cutest gosh-darn planets you'll see today

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(Credit: ThinkGeek)

This cuddly-wuddly solar system would make the perfect gift for the kids in your life, or the for big kid inside you.

These guys are going straight onto our Christmas ideas list: a series of cuddly plush versions of the planets in our solar system — because who says space can't be adorable?

We love the creativity that has gone into these guys — Mercury's winged boots, Saturn's ring-hat, Jupiter's giant-storm nose and Mars' polar cap hair. They were created by a company called Celestial Buddies (get it?), and have just been released on ThinkGeek, one of our favourite shopping playgrounds on the web.

(Credit: ThinkGeek)

There are seven buddies to choose from: the Sun, Mercury, the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. We were a bit sad to see Neptune missing from the line-up, but apparently Neptune, Uranus and Venus are on the way; poor ol' Pluto never gets any love. Prices range from US$21.99 to US$29.99 for the Sun.

And you can do some learning while you're cuddling: each Buddy comes with a tag showing information about the actual celestial body it represents. Grab them from ThinkGeek or the Celestial Buddies website.


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