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BPAY has introduced BPAY Bingo in a bid to entice Australians to pay their bills.

(Credit: BPAY)

It's something we would have thought fairly intuitive — get paid, pay bills — but apparently, BPAY feels that too few Aussies are paying their bills in a timely fashion.

Its new incentive is called BPAY Bingo, and it offers prizes in exchange for paid bills.

(Credit: BPAY)

For each bill you pay, you get a "token" — that is, a little symbol to add to your bingo game card. Match a row of three on your card, and you go in a draw to win an AU$100 RedBalloon voucher. If you fill in the entire card, "you'll be in the running to choose from a swag of awesome prizes", according to the BPAY Bingo website.

If paying bills really grinds your gears, then this might just be the thing to keep your internet from disconnection.

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jbray posted a comment   

Biggest problem with paying with BPAY is that I don't get any rewards with it as it's not seen as a purchase. So I use AustPost's postbillpay instead, which luckily most of them list as an option. Slightly less convenient but it all adds up so I get CC rewards (you can also use paypal). I pay out my card each month so I'm left with just rewards, I don't pay any interest. Bah, something that I have to match to then go into a draw to possibly win something is not enticing enough, sorry BPAY.

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