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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

The Goonies hits Lego Cuusoo

(Credit: Lyonsblood)

While it may be true that Goonies never say die, they do age. The film is turning 30 in 2015, and one Lego Cuusoo member would like to celebrate — in Lego style.

Collectively, the CNET Australia team must have watched The Goonies upwards of 600 times* in our youths. As you might, therefore, understand, the marriage of Mikey, Chunk, Data, Mouth, Andy, Sloth and the Fratellis with Lego would be sure to make our little hearts go pitty-pat.

Lego Cuusoo member Lyonsblood wants to make it happen. The 1985 film will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in just over two years, and a swashbuckling set based on the terrors of One-Eyed Willie's cave, Lyonsblood believes, would be the perfect way to honour it.

"In 2015, The Goonies will be 30 years old, so what better time than now to start a Cuusoo campaign to reignite Lego's interest in this franchise in time for the celebration? With the success of the Back to the Future set, and Ghostbusters equally riding high in the Cuusoo charts, there's definitely enough interest in retro movies from the '80s," he wrote. "My campaign offers up all our favourite characters in minifigure form, as well as concepts for several interconnecting sets, which will help kids (and adults) to re-enact the story from start to finish."

(Credit: Lyonsblood)

He has proposed two sets: Fratelli Fracas, based on the hair-raising waterfall scene, where the only means of escape was a slippery log reaching over the chasm by a raging waterfall; and Skeleton Scare, based on the scene where the only way through was by playing a musical key on a pipe organ made of skeletons. Each set would also come with a set of minifigs: Data, Mama Fratelli, Francis Fratelli and Jake Fratelli, with Fratelli Fracas; and Mikey, Brandon, Stef, Andy and Mouth, with Skeleton Scare.

But what about Sloth? Lyonsblood has designed him, but he hasn't made an appearance in the set line-ups. We hope this means he'll be added to a yet-to-be-included set. In the meantime, you can go vote for the set on Lego Cuusoo here, and check out more images of the proposed sets here.

*This figure may be a slight exaggeration for descriptive purposes. Only very slight, though. It was more like 500.


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EricJ2 posted a comment   

i think the kids should have had the stubby kid legs. awesome sloth though.

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