The Last of Us gets character-based special editions

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In a completely bizarre piece of promotion, The Last of Us can be purchased in Joel and Ellie special editions.

(Credit: Naughty Dog)

The Last of Us is a taut, tense, post-apocalyptic survival style game that — if the trailers and in-game footage are to be believed — has an emphasis on the relationship between grizzled survivor Joel and 14-year-old Ellie.

So of course, it makes perfect sense to create special editions based around multiplayer bonus, Sackboy skins and decals for your controller. Especially given the fact that no multiplayer details have been revealed at this stage.

The Ellie edition below is identical to the Joel edition, except for the face on everything. The decision to do character variant editions is even more confusing, given how vocal Naughty Dog was on keeping Ellie on the cover of the game late last year.

So, if you saw the 15 minutes of The Last of Us in-game footage last year and thought "wow, this looking amazing", just remember that you'll be able to get a multiplayer attack bonus booster with your special edition. Cheers.

Face time.
(Credit: Sony/Naughty Dog)

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