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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

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The LG 84-inch UD TV: 4K for $16K

LG's UD 3D TV.
(Credit: LG)

When a TV is 84-inches — or four times the size of a 42-inch screen — and weighs in at 81kg, it was always going to be a niche product.

But with two 84-inch 4K TVs available in Australia now — Sony's Bravia 4K and the LG UD 3D TV — we've been waiting for someone to actually put a price on these high-luxury items. Sony already has for the US: it's asking US$25,000 for its screen. And in Korea, the LG launched at 25 million won, or around AUD$21,000. The smart money, it seemed, was on the big money — that is, at least $25,000 Australian for the "home cinema experience".

But at today's launch, LG surprised us all, with a price of just AU$15,999. It is still asking for a big chunk of change, make no mistake, but it's less than what many were expecting. (Don't forget that in 2004, a 40-inch plasma was US$10,000.)

Are LG taking a hit on a niche, small-market product in order to get a toe-hold in what they consider an important market, moving forward? Possibly — only LG could say, and they're unlikely to be telling that tale any time soon. Either way, LG have entered the game with an aggressive opening move — we're looking forward to Sony's response.

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The Stav posted a comment   

How does ultra high def translate to what we are currently watching now from commercial TV networks (including cable)?Will Blu-ray movies visually get better?LG and Sony are in my opinion the best in the market currently and sure bigger screens need denser pixel concentration so they can be viewed from any distance.But spending $15k now does not guarantee future proofing the unit as other built in technologies will probably advance faster ie HDMI, USB, WiFi and internal fibre- optic connectivity (Intel already has developed this tech on soon to be released motherboards).I believe 'ultra high def' programming is available in Japan. How many years will we have to wait before it arrives here....10?Whatever happened to rollout/ rollup wall size OLED screens of only a couple of millimetres thickness attached to a small control unit that sits nearby and could more easily be upgraded in terms of integration and connectivity.I plan on buying a 47" smart tele soon to replace the old power hungry plasma, but untill the networks even come close to 1080p, ultra-high def leaves a lot to be desired.


SampsK posted a comment   

Wow! Awesome price for the product. Unfortunately, it's still a bit rich for my wallet.


Maverick_John posted a comment   

Oh damn, thats one tv i definitely want.....
I might have to create my garage into a home entertainment cinema :P


dougaussie posted a comment   

i've got a wall it can go on, when its about $2000.


Nic Healey posted a reply   

I don't sadly, this is officially too large for my flat.

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