The new US$3.9 million carbon-fibre Lamborghini

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In honour of its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini has just unveiled the Veneno: a stunning new luxury vehicle, with a limited production run of just three units.

The Geneva Motor Show hasn't even officially begun, and already we think that Lamborghini has stolen the show.

The luxury automobile manufacturer is celebrating its 50th birthday — and to celebrate, it has unveiled the Veneno, a jaw-droppingly sleek, road-ready racing-style vehicle. Named after a legendary fighting bull, the car is meant to be a symbol of strength, power and vitality.

At €3 million, and with a limited production run of just three cars, it's one of the most exclusive vehicles we've seen. While it certainly looks the part, with a sweeping aerodynamic form, it has enough grunt under its hood — and wrapped around it — to make it a thing of beauty, inside and out.

Even if you have US$3.9 million kicking around, though, it's too late; all three cars have already been sold.

However, they can't stop us from looking...

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