The next iPod: What would you like to see?

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Currently Apple-related rumour-mongering is centred on the imminent release of a 3G iPhone, but let's return for a moment to that other Apple icon: the iPod.

The last batch of iPods — including the iPod Touch and updated versions of the Classic and Nano — came out in September 2007. Going by Apple's usual release schedule, we're likely to see fresh additions to the line-up in September 2008. But what will the updates consist of?

Rumours surrounding the second-gen iPhone mention haptics — or tactile feedback — technology, as well as a GPS. If these phone features are revealed at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June, we're likely to see them on Apple's music players shortly after. This happened in 2007: when the iPod Touch debuted its interface it was virtually identical to that of the January iPhone. Breathless bloggers relaying information from the product announcement keynote even referred to the player as the "iPhone without a phone".

With all that in mind, here comes the fun bit: group participation. We want to know what you would like to see in the next iPod. What would it look like? What features would it have? Leave your comments below and we'll assemble a portrait of the perfect music player. Oh, and no need to feel bound by the constraints of reality.

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michael posted a comment   

a remixer


Robwoozle posted a comment   

I would like iTunes to allow the user to specify where the library xml file is stored. Currently it is in MyDocuments and cannot be altered. This is a problem if your MyDocuments folder is synced with a network.


jayendra posted a comment   

Can you record audio on Ipods with out that attachable belkin thingy? I'm looking to buy a portable music device - 27yo guy music teacher - specs I want. 1. Ability to record audio 2. Good quality preamps (i.e. It sounds great bass n all) 3. scrolling interface and easy to manage playlists. 4. Long battery life. 5. Sturdy construction. 6. Easy to use but flexible firmware/file copying. But definatley the recording thing. How about a button that gives you 2 seconds to enter a voice operated command i.e "search santana" - kinda like dragon naturally speak software.


Brackenwood_Airsack posted a comment   

I, personally, would like to see Bluetooth on iPods. Not only for file sharing, but also for wireless headphones.
I have a Nokia 6120 Classic, and i use the Nokia Bluetooth Headphones. These are very good headphones and are very convenient, due to the lack of wires.
I also agree with previous posts about a larger screen and a camera.


protoncannon posted a comment   

I want to be able to delete my songs on the IPOD. Give me powerful bass. Give me an AM/FM tuner. Give me bluetooth. Give me expandable memory with cheap microSD cards. Give me 16 GB of space. All in the NANO.


geek posted a comment   

I really like my shuffle. Would like the charger interface more like the original shuffle, e.g. USB


IPODS_FOREVER posted a comment   

A camera in the Touch, Classic and Nano, and Wi-fi, to share media between different iPods. And different themes!


lordofthesheep posted a comment   

An unpopular product. I really don't see why iPods should be the generic term and most common product.


2che posted a comment   

how about playing the usual DiVx as format and mp3 without the usual conversion, fm/bluetooth transmitter built it and gps capability


Jake posted a comment   

My request is very simple and applies both to the itouch and iphone. I would like to be able to view the calendar by week in addition to the day and month view surely this is a basic calendar function!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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