The Room Two arrives for iPad

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The sequel to 2012's iOS game of the year has finally arrived on iPad, with iPhone and Android versions to follow at a later date.

(Credit: Fireproof Games)

BAFTA award-winning, Apple game of the year-winning, all-round CNET Australia favourite The Room has been teasing a sequel for months now — and it's just quietly landed on our local iTunes Store.

The first game, launched in September 2012 for iOS and March 2013 for Android, saw you willed mysterious puzzle boxes after the death of a relative. Each one presented a series of challenges, and you had to thoroughly examine each one for clues to solving the puzzles that would unlock it so that you could get to what was inside.

Of course, what was inside was an even bigger mystery: it seems someone had been looking into figuring out a fifth element, beyond earth, water, air and fire: "Null". It was all very spooky and Lovecraftian.

And the gameplay was utterly superb. With beautiful art, you really felt like you were manipulating a physical object: finding secret compartments, fixing broken machine parts, locating keys — all the while finding scraps of story on the way.

The Room Two has been one of our most hotly anticipated games of this year, so we're going to stop talking and get to playing it. You should, too.

If you haven't played the first game, you can grab it from iTunes for free and Google Play for AU$1.99. The Room Two for iPad can be found for AU$5.49 on the iTunes App Store.

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