The Seaboard reinvents the synthesiser

This odd-looking electronic keyboard has squishy pressure-sensitive keys that allow musicians to affect pitch, volume and timbre with their fingers.

(Screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET)

The Seaboard Grand by London-based company Roli is an intriguing electronic musical instrument that looks almost organic. Modeled after a standard 88-key piano keyboard, the Seaboard lets keyboardists achieve various digital effects, such as pitch bends, modulation and timbre changes, without the need for levers or foot pedals.

The main highlight of the Seaboard is its dark-grey "keys" that are sensitive to finger pressure. All you see are a series of ridges of alternating sizes, much like the white and black keys on a regular keyboard. While the video below makes it look easy, we'd imagine that even seasoned pianists would need some practice to get a feel of the squishy-looking keyboard and make the best out of the digital sound effects.

Although this futuristic synthesiser hasn't been priced yet, it's expected to start shipping sometime in April. The company will initially be offering just 88 units of the Seaboard Grand. Interested parties can register their interest here.

Via CNET Asia

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CamG posted a comment   

Ooooh... I want that as my next keyboard!

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