The Weekend Blues: Blu-ray releases in brief

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From battling school students to period horror; from Josh Brolin's laconic drawl to Jason Segel's gentle depression — these are the Blu-rays you should be buying.

Batoru rowaiaru; better known to English-speaking audiences as Battle Royale.
(Credit: Madman Entertainment)

Men in Black 3 didn't exactly set any box office records, but it was certainly a solid step forward from the disappointing second film. More importantly, it showed the world that Josh Brolin does an impeccable impression of Tommy Lee Jones. Seriously. The film is out on Blu-ray, thanks to Universal Sony Picture Home Entertainment, as is a box set of all three MiB flicks.

MiB 3
(Credit: Universal/Sony)

Speaking of boxes, remember that all four of the Indiana Jones films can now be found in one Blu-ray set, thanks to Paramount, fully remastered with loads of extras. It's OK — no one will judge you if you leave the fourth film in the box. We almost recommend it.

If you're more of a fan of low-fi drama-comedy (shush, it is too a real genre) then Jeff, Who Lives at Home (also from Paramount) might be your speed. It's a gentle, touching comedy that works extremely well, mostly because of some nice sibling chemistry between Jason Segel and Ed Helms, as well as stellar performances from Susan Sarandon and the chronically underrated and underused Judy Greer.

The Woman in Black
(Credit: Roadshow)

In terms of horror, the Daniel Radcliffe version of The Woman in Black (Roadshow) hits most of the right notes, but may seem a little tame to audiences that are used to the gore-based thrills of Saw, Hotel and the like. We say: give it a go — it's more chills and foreboding than splatter and torture, but there is a creeping fear that will stay with you after the film. For our money, however, the 1989 TV film version is actually a little more frightening and, in a nice bit of film trivia, stars Adrian Rawlins in the same role as Radcliffe — the same Rawlins who plays James Potter in the Harry Potter films.

Of course, if you must have your blood, then Madman has what you need — Battle Royale on Blu-ray. Yes, the magnificently violent cult classic is now out, with the same directors cut that hit DVD earlier this year. It's got a host of great extras, as well including a making of doco, behind the scenes footage, rehearsal and audition tapes and much more. We're saddened to hear that the inevitable Hollywood remake will be arriving in 2014, so go buy this before the sight of Elle Fanning beating someone to death with a saucepan lid makes you hate life.

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