The Weekend Blues: Blu-ray releases in brief

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From vampire politics through to Aussie criminals, from teenage rumbling to Moon Nazis — these are the Blu-rays you should be buying.

Blood, sex and death.
(Credit: HBO)

It's a good week for TV fans, with a number of shows getting the Blu-ray treatment. From Roadshow, the Underbelly juggernaut grinds on, with Underbelly: Badness releasing on 3 October. The eight-parter moves the action up to just last decade and — as a bonus — features a total lack of Matt Newton.

Take vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and plenty of nudity, then combine and allow to settle over a number of seasons — that's been the recipe for True Blood, and it hasn't seemed to let anyone down yet. If you've somehow missed this cavalcade of undead sex antics, then we highly recommend getting the Blu-ray box set of seasons 1-4 — it'll cost you $129.95, but there's enough Sookie Stackhouse adventures tucked in to make it worthwhile.

Sydney's criminal world in 2001-2012.
(Credit: Roadshow)

Finally, in TV news, Boardwalk Empire season 2 has been out for a while now, but Warner Bros has released a double-box set of both seasons if you need to catch up.

In movie news, the two we recommend couldn't be more different. Iron Sky is a Finnish-German-Australian production that has Nazis returning from the dark side of the moon, eager to pick up where the last Reich left off. It's hilarious and pretty technically adept, as well. A guilty pleasure, to be sure.

The Outsiders, on the other hand, is one of Francis Ford Coppola's most stunning films. Based on the SE Hinton novel, the film packs in some ridiculously incredible talent, all baby-faced and fresh looking back in 1983. A well deserved Blu-ray release of a classic film, thanks to Universal and Sony.

Seriously — look at those baby faces.
(Credit: Universal/Sony)

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