The Weekend Blues: Blu-ray releases in brief

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From crime-fighting Jesus to gimp-suit sex, from self-destructive lawyers to sword-fighting Snow White — these are the Blu-rays that you should be buying.

Fighting injustice, Person of Interest-style: it's serious business.
(Credit: Warner Bros)

This week looks great for fans of good television, with a host of TV shows getting the Blu-ray treatment.

Warner Bros is giving us the first season of Person of Interest, which has the somewhat controversial plot of Jesus Christ teaming up with Ben Linus from Lost to fight crime using a combination of advanced technology and knee capping. OK, so it's actually Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson playing different roles, but Person of Interest has a slow-burning first season that quietly morphs into a very clever, very good action show that does absolutely nothing by the book. Buy it.

A shirt, Dylan. Buy a damn shirt.
(Credit: Fox)

Equally against type, if not quite the same, American Horror Story reminded the world why we've loved Jessica Lange so much for so long. It also features Dylan McDermott as the world's worst therapist and a man fighting to overcome his allergy to shirts, if his lack of wardrobe through the season is to be believed. Oh and gimp-suit sex. This show has more gimp-suit sex than you will be expecting. Make of that what you will.

(Credit: Roadshow)

ABC's Rake has Richard Roxburgh slipping back into his good old Aussie accent and away from the some of the mush-mouthed masterpieces that he's been doing over the years, such as "South African with a mouthful of marbles" in Mission: Impossible II, "incomprehensible Eurotrash" in LXG and, of course, "shrieking Transylvanian" in Van Helsing. It's a smart and funny show about life and law, and has Matt Day, who is also smart and funny, and, honestly, it's just nice to know that Matt and Richard are still talking to each other after Doing Time for Patsy Cline. Season 2 is out thanks to Roadshow.

On the movie front, Universal Sony is popping out more classics for Blu-ray, and we'd have to give Lawrence of Arabia the two-thumbs-up treatment. It's one of those films that everyone's heard of but bugger all people have seen, so pick it up and see what you've been missing. There's also Snow White and the Huntsman out this week, but you can probably survive without that until glass monsters and axe fighting are essential to your happiness.

Hammer, axe — Chris is just happy to be working.
(Credit: Universal Sony)

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