Third-gen iPad raises a few red flags

There are a few troubling technical aspects of the new iPad that give me pause about the post-Jobs Apple.

(Credit: Apple)

I'll skip the obligatory praise of the new iPad's retina display. And for those readers who want to call me a whiner, idiot or Apple hater, go ahead, take your best shot.

On launch day, while I was pleased to find that the new iPad was only slightly thicker than the iPad 2, this raised the first red flag for me.

Dilution of Jobs Doctrine?

The design decisions that led to a chunkier iPad are a little worrisome and break — in my opinion — one of Steve Jobs' cardinal rules: devices should get thinner and lighter, not bigger and heavier, as another review pointed out. Stay on this current trajectory and iPads become merely a better doorstop.

Chip slip

As brilliant as Apple is, it's not primarily a chip company. That means it can make mistakes with silicon design. Neither Texas Instruments nor Intel is above reproach (and they've made their share of mistakes), why not Apple? Case in point, the A5X. Respected chip review site AnandTech found the chip lacking on some key performance metrics. And there are plenty of other examples of reviews that found that the new iPad isn't faster than the iPad 2 in many applications. Another red flag, in my opinion.


Too big? When the battery grows almost twofold but doesn't offer better battery life, something is amiss. OK, so it's necessary to drive the sophisticated display apparatus but, again, another red flag.

I'll offer the disclaimer that the display could turn out to be so dazzling — as more applications tap in to all of those pixels — that the above bullet points are rendered immaterial. And, of course, the A5X chip may become more of a factor in those cases, too.

I'll check back in a month or two.


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CraigS134 posted a comment   

"for those readers who want to call me a whiner, idiot or Apple hater, go ahead, take your best shot".... You don't make it very hard. Is this post a rant or review? Have you ever used one?The design is so close to the last one, it fits 99% of the cases for the iPad 2. Packing a new incredible display in the same space was an amazing achievement for Apple.The chip does EXACTLY what Apple wanted it to do. Push 1080P video and apps using the new resolution without missing a beat. You were expecting more?Pushing this kind of graphics in a device like this is no easy task and Apple was able to do it with a larger battery giving users the same battery life experience that has made this device the world leader since its launch almost 3 years ago. The new battery is also able to run the device at US 4G LTE speeds that take far more power then 3G. Unlike others, Apple keeps the user experience at the forefront of any device they make.Apple once again hits the target on pushing the limits and still delivering the experience that people around the world have come to expect from Apple. Pushing the competition another 2 years down the road before they can copy it.Selling 3 million units world wide the first weekend of sale, and you want to check back in a few month or two so you can determine it the new iPad is an success? I hope you include the sales numbers then and let us know how the world best tablet is doing....


IgaalN posted a reply   

What a knockout Craig but then again like you said it wasn't hard.Honestly cnet that was a pathetic article!


Dunners posted a reply   

Alot of people said the same thing about the iPad review.


Will1505 posted a reply   

Calm down. This article isn't saying the ipad is bad. Its just saying its not staying with the philosophy of Apple.


Pining posted a reply   

The sales numbers........
That really says it all about your comment.
Have a look at the sales numbers for Big Macs. It doesn't make them any good (.......although they do 4G in Australia as good as any ipad will!)


heyhowie posted a reply   

Chill, she wasn't bashing the ipad. The article was just pointing out how the ipad 3 has deviated from the successful and innovative trends that were guaranteed during Job's tenure as the head of apple. And i think some pretty valid points are made.

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