THQ offering free copies of Metro 2033

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The beleaguered company will give away Steam codes to community members while stocks last.

(Credit: THQ)

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to the powerfully unforgiving Metro 2033 — a game that couldn't be more Russian in its demeanour if it was wearing a fur hat, slugging back vodka and eating its neighbours during a particularly bad winter

The rather bleak trailer "Genesis" is below, but there's good news for anyone keen on getting a free copy of the original title before playing Last Light.

From today until 17 December, THQ will give a free a copy of Metro 2033 via Steam to each community member of the Metro Facebook page "while quantities last". Head to and follow the instructions.

Free games from THQ? Well, after the Humble Bundle, we're prepared to believe anything.

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AllanC1 posted a comment   

Too.bad it's really not a good game at all its certainly not worth any money.


joytech22 posted a comment   

Hah.. I wondered when you guys would notice.

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