THQ's Humble Bundle: US$3.3m made and share-price bump

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Despite it being a step that smacked of desperation, THQ's (not-so-)Humble Bundle seems to have been the right move.

(Credit: THQ)

Nine days remain for the THQ Humble Bundle, and at the time of writing, just under 600,000 purchases had been made, netting the beleaguered dev a cool US$3.36 million — well, the caveat is that this is how much the sale has made. It's not clear how much went to charity and how much to Bundle admin from that amount, but we can probably say that a good percentage is in THQ pockets.

It's not just the cash either — we reported back on 7 November that THQ stock had plummeted to US$1.50. Well it got worse — THQ hit a low of $1.00 on 26 November. Remember — this was a company trading at over US$5 as recently as July 2012 (though, still a far cry from its December 2007 high of US$29).

But the Bundle seems to have piqued the interest from investors, at least in a small way. As of today, it's back to around US$1.40 after hitting a peak of US$1.60 on 30 November.

We can't say that a fire sale on your AAA IP titles would've been our first choice, but it looks like it's hasn't been the worst decision that THQ has made.

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JamesK9 posted a comment   

It should be noted that when they were trading at $5 in July it was after a 1 for 10 rerse stock split they did early this year to avoid being delisted from the NYSE for dropping under $1 a share. So that $5 would've been 50 cent. These moves scare investors due to possible bankruptcies looming so really they're trading for like 14 cents now.


thesorehead posted a comment   

Bought my bundle last night ^_^

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