Three Facebook execs jump ship

At a tense time for the newly public company, three top executives have announced that they are departing from the social-networking giant.

(Credit: Facebook/CBSi)

All Things Digital has reported that Facebook's director of Platform Partnerships, Ethan Beard, first said that he is planning to leave the company; then, Platform marketing director Katie Mitic said that she had plans to leave, too. And finally, Facebook's Mobile Platform marketing manager Jonathan Matus also announced his departure.

All three employees made the announcements on their Facebook timelines, and said that they've had good experiences working for the social network. Beard wrote, "I've had the pleasure of helping build an ecosystem of incredible developers from innovative start-ups and established companies."

With four years under his belt at the company, Beard was in charge of developing partnerships with many of the app makers that work with Facebook, according to AllThingsD. Mitic and Matus were also on the marketing side of the platform.

The news comes as Facebook's first-ever earnings report as a publicly held company, which was released last week, saw its stock slump even as revenue rose. The company lost US$157 million on revenue of US$1.18 billion, and the news sent Facebook's stock plummeting in the days following the report. Facebook closed on Wednesday at US$20.88 per share, which is near its lowest close of US$20.84.

AllThingsD pointed out that investors have worried that Facebook would face a brain drain when it went public, and if this is indeed the beginning, it could lead to "what all growing companies dread: a stall in company innovation and proper leadership".

None of the three execs announced successors to their posts, or specified what they plan to do once they leave the social network.

CNET contacted Facebook for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.


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