Tiny digital lomo fish-eye camera is world's first

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A researcher from Wales has developed a miniature digital lomo camera with a fish-eye lens.

(Credit: Greg Dash/Indiegogo)

Lomo cameras are renowned for their lo-fi aesthetic, and generally produce pictures on 35mm, 120 or medium format film. There are plenty of products available that turn existing SLRs into lo-fi machines via lenses, and there are even digital versions of lomo cameras themselves, like the Superheadz range.

However, this camera from researcher and writer Greg Dash claims to be the world's first digital lomo fish-eye camera — and it's absolutely tiny.

Dash is seeking £35,000 in funding via Indiegogo to manufacture a camera with a 170-degree lens and a 12-megapixel sensor, though you can change the output resolution from anywhere between 2 megapixels and 12 megapixels. According to photography blog The Phoblographer, it also has an f/3.5 lens, HD video recording and a time-lapse interval ranging from one second to seven days.

A sample photo from the miniature digital lomo camera. More images can be seen on the Indiegogo page.
(Credit: Greg Dash/Indiegogo)

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