Tip of the Day: a bright idea for saving battery life

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It's one of the simplest tricks in the book, but it can save you hours in laptop battery life.

Battery life is our most precious resource when we're out with a laptop all day without a powerpoint to save us. If you know it's going to be a long time between drinks for your laptop, the number-one thing that you can do to get minutes and even hours further in your day is to turn down the screen brightness!

When you're just typing up some notes or doing some basic work on the web, you hardly need the screen on at all. If you make a habit of giving yourself only just as much brightness as you need, you'll soon be achieving those 6+ hours of battery life that the laptop company promised you on the box.

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SosoA posted a comment   

like it waaaaaaaoow


hicksjo posted a comment   

Also, turn the bluetooth adaptor off, if there is one on your laptop. My macbook was lasting about 5 hours before I turned it off (with screen brightness on nearly 0), but now lasts around 9 hours.


hicksjo posted a comment   

Another good tip is to turn off the bluetooth adaptor, if one is fitted. My macbook was lasting about 5 hours or so (with the screen brightness turned nearly to off), until I turned bluetooth off. I now get about 9 hours a day, provided I don't do anything that requires a lot of power.

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