Tips and tricks for using your BlackBerry

Choosing the right BlackBerry for you The BlackBerry is an extremely powerful personal productivity tool, and while it's very much a "pick up and play" device, knowing the various operating system quirks and shortcuts can be very handy.

At this year's Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando, Florida, Andrew Bocking, senior product manager for BlackBerry gave an extremely insightful presentation titled "BlackBerry Device Tips and Tricks". Naturally, the crew was there, and this DIY guide summarises Bocking's most useful tips.

Note: The instructions detailed within should be consistent across all current BlackBerry models.

1. Tips and tricks for using your BlackBerry
2. Navigating the Home Screen
3. SureType
4. Phone
5. Messaging
6. Calendar
7. Battery life saving tips

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Bandit posted a comment   

I just got my first bb, it's an 8900.
My annoyance is when I end a call the Call Log screen opens.
Is there a way of ending a call and only have the home screen appear?

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