TomTom's iOS app updates with Foursquare search, check-ins

Foursquare fans will gain another tool for racking up check-in points and mayorships with TomTom's new app integration with this social network.

New tricks on the updated TomTom app.
(Credit: TomTom)

TomTom's navigation app for iPhone and iPad received a small refresh with a version 1.11 bump. The new update brings with it the most recent TomTom map data, new methods for choosing destinations and modifying routes, and Foursquare integration that further fleshes out the apps social networking feature set.

(Credit: TomTom/Foursquare)

The Foursquare integration is probably the biggest bit of news here. If you're not familiar, Foursquare is a location-based social network game that gives users points for "checking in" to locations and awarding "mayorship" and perks to each location's most frequent visitors. After updating to version 1.11 of the TomTom app and logging into their Foursquare account, users will be able to search Foursquare's database of businesses and locations for navigation. Once that destination is reached, users will be able to check in from the TomTom app and accumulate points toward mayorship.

The app features a few convenience and privacy fixes, including removing the requirement to share contact data with TomTom to access addresses from the phone's local contact list. A new quick copy-paste method lets users easily paste addresses from other apps into the destination field for navigation. An audio output switch has been added that lets users choose whether to use the phone's speaker or A2DP audio from within the app. And it also has the capability of on-the-fly routing method changes, and customize the menu screen to surface the most commonly used options.

Finally, version 1.11 includes the latest update to the locally stored TomTom map data, which should include a number of revisions to new streets, closed streets, street names, traffic direction and turn restrictions, among other fixes.

TomTom navigation for iOS version 1.11 is a free update for current users who have already purchased a previous version. New users will find their digital wallet $74.99 lighter for TomTom Australia for the iPhone and iPad. Other versions of this app that include maps for other countries and continents are also available in the iTunes App Store.


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