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Google's Android has had a huge year, and with the mobile phone operating system finding its way into more and more hands, there's no better time to collect our favourite 100 apps.

This list is a mixed collection of games and tools, most of which we use often. We've added links through to, an excellent Android Market aggregate, which can sync apps wirelessly with your phone if you sign up and follow the instructions.

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oh me posted a comment   

there is no freeware version of Angry Birds. there is only:

Angry Birds MALWARE


Angry Birds paid

non-dev non-root users need app permissions power! Otherwise more people with upgrade themselves to dev- or root- users


oh me posted a comment   

google market categoties __NEED__ to be changed from intellectually dishonest




NO more malware [adware, spyware, etc] in the freeware category!!

see an AD in the application? That's adware.

adware _IS_ malware.

privacy & security matter has the integrity to not-show malware


JVL posted a reply   

Android users seem to expect everything for free. Without being able to use ads many developers would jump ship and go to iphone, since paid software is not profitable on Android.


Galaxy 5 posted a comment   

Reply: Ray Of Perth,

Many android uses use their android powered phone as a cheaper alternative to an ipod touch, but have the pleasure of usesing the device to communicate through phone calls and texting aswell.


Ray of Perth posted a comment   

What is it about all these game Apps? Do people have so much spare time on their hands? I have no games of any sort on my phone and never have! Dont see the point in wasting so much time on these stupid timewasters. Why dont you have a list of the best "Useful" apps? That would be worth reading about.


Geoffrey posted a reply   

A bit over half the answer is that "Girls Just Like to Have Fun." The other half is that - yes - some people are only interested in "Hanging Out" with their friends or favorite web-crap streams. I agree with you and wish I had stumbled upon a "100 best Useful apps" article instead of this one!


Sean posted a reply   

Your comments scream that you should loosen your sphincter a bit and unwind as you are most likely not a fun person at all. It also hints that you cannot play games half of Friday until sundown on Saturday. Thank for the list Cnet.

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