Top 20 starter apps for the iPad

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Finally, the Aussie iPad launch is upon us, and the first thing many of us will be doing is getting our mitts on a bunch of apps. Here's our line-up of some of the top iPad apps that are available on Australian shores.

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Nick posted a comment   

Iloader is the app for that


Katiemouse1 posted a comment   

My hubby has just bought me one, it is best present I have ever had.
I am 70 and have been a computer addict for many years., being an unwell lady and taking my new toy to bed with me, is magic, the only thing wrong and it will be me, is not being able to go further into my game that I paid for, secrets of the Vatican but I will beat.
I shall die with my iPad in my hand lol


Confused posted a comment   

Does anyone know if I have to download an app on my iPad to b able to put photos on facebook??


your mom posted a comment   

ummm...useless phone, hopeless apps, ugly,stinks and its cheap and slow


Anna posted a comment   

My favorite app is BallFallDown by FlatPack Interactive. It is an Entertainment App that allows users to take an empty iPad screen -”board”- and construct thier own interactive game. You can make all sorts of things including pinball machines. You guys can check it out also. It is free in iTunes, anyway.

Thanks for the great article and keep up the great work.

Merry Christmas,


Ipad Fan posted a comment   

Seems everyone wants to complain about it without even using it for a while, be careful though, once you get your hands on one, you will not put it down, I have to fight with my wife everyday, she doens't use the desktop anymore, its too SLOW!!! hahaha, keep on whining and I will enjoy using one of the best information tools around!


Operator posted a comment   

The iPad is NOT a laptop, why is that so hard to understand, if you want something with multiple adaptors, usb ports, video outs etc, buy a laptop, the iPad is a productivity device, there are many manufacturers who are designing the devices you seek, however them like many of you have NO clue what an iPad is all about, it IS NOT a laptop replacement, apple have never tried to replace their laptops through the iPad device, lol, do some research rather than opening your trap and proving you're a retard. Oh and all that vetted software is VIRUS FREE.


Fred posted a reply   

You are right it was not meant to be, but more and more I am using it as a replacement to my laptop. I now hate my laptopm becuase it is sooo slow and will do just about anything on the iPad to avoid having to open the laptop

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