Top 30 iPad games we'd like to see

The iPad's large touchscreen is simply crying out to be used as a gaming platform. Here we take a look at the 30 games we can't wait to play on the iPad.

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ChrisM4 posted a comment   

We're setting up a competition. When we reach 1000 fans on Facebook for our new game Zombie Pirate Robot Attack. we will take our local homeless guy to a restaurant and buy him whatever he wants till he's full. All other ideas welcome. Said homeless guy is very friendly. Photographs will be supplied with the team having lunch with said guy.

Yes, we're promoting our iPad game anyway we can, and a homeless guy might even get a good feed.


harleyD posted a comment   

DerailedHD - kinda like snake but better


jordan posted a comment   

every single caption-

"hmmm, well this was cool on iphone, but would for sure benefit from a larger screen that the ipad has to offer."

Wow. what a revelation.

Why didn't you just publish an article that said, "Breaking news... the iPad has a bigger screen than the iPhone. The End" instead of wasting our time with this filler.


OpokuO posted a comment   

some one should tell Apple that we need Ipool which is water risistant


MaryL posted a comment   
United Kingdom

Are there any games that wouldn't be better on the iPad? About the only examples I can think of are some of the simpler puzzle games, eg sliding block games -- either you'd need bigger blocks (which seems pointless) or they'd be impossibly hard.


Matt posted a comment   

The creators of Touch Grind have already shown their software running on a full table sized multi-touch screen. The whole skatepark is shown making it easier to navigate the obstacles. This game would be AMAZING on the iPad. In fact, I reckon it would be the best port available.


Grendel posted a comment   

Crayon Physics - with actual space to draw.


Dean posted a comment   

So basically, all the iPhones games... I think 'RTS games' is the only actually new category here.


andy posted a reply   

haha so true
pretty pointless article


Nick posted a comment   

Apple should seriously consider purchasing this game from its developers and including it standard.


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