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update PDA-phones make life easier by combining the mobile organisational features of a personal digital assistant with the connectivity of a mobile phone.

Although it varies from model to model, input is generally through a QWERTY keypad or a touchscreen and stylus combo, either of which allows you to effortlessly write or type messages. Business users are usually attracted to push email capabilities of PDA-phones, where new inbox messages are transferred directly to the mobile device. To set up push e-mail, a Microsoft Exchange or BlackBerry Enterprise Server is usually required, although personal and other third-party solutions are available through network carriers.

The latest PDA-phones hitting the market support the now ubiquitous connectivity threesome of High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and Wi-Fi for data transmission and an onboard GPS receiver for use with pre-installed mapping software, like Google Maps.

While PDA-phones can't compete with the processing power of a desktop PC, a high-speed connection combined with a zippy processor can keep workers productive when they're on the road — editing Office documents, catching up on email, taking photos on-site and sending them back to the office, watching a movie, etc.

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MaurP posted a comment   

The best on the list is the Bold 9000.


aro posted a comment   

I am considering of buying a samsung corby pro the phone has wifi as well ... is that a good deal for the price


arun posted a comment   

wich pda phone is best?


Monique posted a comment   

what is a good PDA to go on face book please?


barb posted a reply   

I have an old verizon envy phone by LG, it has an application that is FREE called Social Beat, this is a 3yr old phone, that has a fliptop with a wide, querty keyboard, so that my old fingers can reach the keys, also had a built in GPS in it. Not fancy but very functional, Ive had it for 3yrs now, love this phone!!!


Echo posted a comment   

HCT touh Pro. my brother has it..its like a small PC with Window loaded with tons software..including windows OS. go check it out JohnS123456


jimmyb posted a comment   

nokia n97 has some decent smart-phone power, but is no match for HTC touch pro, unless your using it for its massive internal memory, iphone's is a great machine, but any windows mobile will nock out its competition


bowlesie posted a comment   

can i get a pda that does not have a phone with it.


jmana posted a reply   

sure I have two of the same I can sell to you reasonably.

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