Top 5 sites to download free, legal music

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Looking for some new tunes but just can't afford to pay for the privilege? Here are our top 5 sites to download free (and legal) music.

Regardless of what sort of music you're into, there's bound to be one site on our list that appeals to you. Did we miss your favourite source? Let us know in the comments below!

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AvisM posted a comment   
New Zealand

I do enjoy ur site


jimann posted a comment   

everytime I find a 'free' download site for music/movies somewhere along the way I am asked to 'pay' for it!! I wonder what they mean by 'free'??


ronCYA posted a comment   

Video-only 'articles' are a huge damper on productivity, efficiency, and bandwidth.

To be honest I hate the videos as they add nothing. Why is watching a person voice on about stuff better than reading? An article with a screenshot of each item, followed by the description and then a link is always the best way to go.


BillC1 posted a comment   

Would be great if you provided a transcript for video content...


nahbuts posted a comment   

Why do we have to watch a video to find out your list? Why can you just list your top 5 sites?


AlexandraB posted a comment   

Check out - free downloads, legal and clean.


AngusR posted a comment   

It may not technically be a 'download' website (by design..) HOWEVER if you want to listen to any of your favourite tracks, from ANY artist, will not disappoint.

It's essentially the perfect jukebox - every song ever is on there, it's entirely legal somehow, and it's free. You can even create your own account and create and manage your own playlists - the best possible solution for when you're at a party, want to play everyone a song but FOR SHAME - it isn't on your ipod.

Groove shark it

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