Top 5 video game deaths

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Craig was sucked into the endless vortex of tech at an early age, only to be spat back out babbling things like "phase-locked-loop crystal oscillators!". Mostly this receives a pat on the head from the listener, followed closely by a question about what laptop they should buy.

Video game characters making their way to the great pixel house in the sky have to be sent off somehow. We look at the best (or worst) departures.

Did your favourite moment make the list? As always, let us know in the comments below.

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gregory.opera posted a comment   

What about Aerith (Aeris) Gainsborough's death in Final Fantasy VII ( )?

How can you exclude THAT from the list, when just every REAL gamer will agree that it is one of THE most memorable video game deaths?

I'm sorry, I like these articles, but sometimes you really leave me scratching my head and wondering how you come up with the content of the lists...


Maverick_John posted a reply   

I think you are thinking about this article in the wrong way.


Maverick_John posted a comment   

hahaha the jet set is a good one, giant boot FTW.
Only recent but dying by a chainsaw was no fun in gears.
i never really thought about the best deaths, i have nothing to add... :( how lame


Craig Simms posted a comment   

From Alex Kidman, one of our freelancers: the surreal death of Jet Set Willy:


Craig Simms posted a reply   

This is why Top 5 lists will never suffice. As the admirable Mr Kidman points out again, Pacman too is high in the pecking order. The dude inverts himself and implodes into nothing!

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